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SUSE4 Transportation options – UPDATED!


Below is a link to a survey that shows the current (tentative) bus and shuttle schedule for transportation to and from Haw River State Park.

Click HERE to view the options and reserve a seat

You may be asking why we are listing this as “tentative”. We cannot make the deposit until we get a better idea of overall attendance and the interest in using the listed transportation options. So, please fill this out as soon as you can.

You may also then ask, could this change? The listed times may change slightly but these times were selected based on our needs and not because of limited availability. We are confident that these will be close to the times we’ll offer.

You may also ask if options may be eliminated due to lack of interest. We will do our best to provide transportation to everyone. Lack of interest may result in reserving a different vehicle (i.e., a van vs. a full size bus) or we may contact attendees individually and ask if they could use a different option. We will not arbitrarily drop a scheduled trip due to a lack of interest.

If you do not see an option that works for your, please contact Robert Smith ( or any of the meeting organizers to discuss what options are available for transportation.

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