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Statement on HB2 and SUSE4


HB2 update: The SUSE4 organizers are pleased to hear that the NC state lawmakers voted to ‘repeal’ HB2, but, like many, we do not believe the new legislation goes as far as it should to protect every citizen. That being said, we are hopeful that people may now be able to attend SUSE4 who previously felt the law would discriminate against them or compromise their safety. Additionally, we suspect that individuals from states and cities that banned travel to NC may now have an option to attend. This is, in part, why we have extended the early bird registration deadline for the meeting until April 21.

Original statement: SUSE4 is not organized by any specific organization, and as a result, no ‘entity’ exists to make a statement on HB2. The organizers want all attendees to know, however, that we strongly disagree with the intent of HB2 and believe in an inclusive global society that does not discriminate and celebrates diversity. The 4th symposium, like the 2 before it, are purposefully being held directly before and in (generally) the same location as the Society for Freshwater Science’s annual meeting (Raleigh, NC) to encourage attendance. Thus, the organizing committee has also decided to endorse and follow SFS’s position on HB2. That evolving response can be found HERE. We realize that this likely results in attendees from certain states being unable to attend, or more importantly, certain attendees being worried about their personal safety. While we cannot control what happens outside of our meeting, please be assured that we have done everything we can to select a location that will support the scientific mission of the meeting while creating an inviting environment for all attendees. SUSE4 will be an inclusive meeting that will celebrate our differences, and hopefully utilize them to help develop new and existing ideas in urban stream ecology. Please contact Bob Smith ( or any of the meeting organizers if you have any questions or concerns.

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