Symposium on Urbanization and Stream Ecology

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This two-and-a-half day symposium will bring together scientists from around the world to share research results, synthesize knowledge, and discuss future research direction in the field of urban stream ecology. The goal of this meeting is to improve our mechanistic understanding of urban streams and identify differences driving global variability in stream response to urbanization. The format of the meeting will include contributed new research talks and posters, short global perspective talks, and interactive discussions.

You can register for the meeting by clicking HERE FOR THE REGISTRATION PAGE. Registration is only $25 if you register by April 15 and will increase to $75 for anyone registering after that date. Register early as we have limited the number of attendees to 120 people. If you pre-registered, you still need to click this link to pay for your registration. Pre-registrants will be automatically provided a spot in the meeting, but your price for the meeting is not guaranteed to be $25 and will be based on when you pay, so register as soon as you can.

Abstract submission is now closed. If you submitted an abstract and have not received confirmation, please contact the meeting organizers immediately at



  1. Ryan Utz says:

    But… March 2nd is a Sunday?

    • rsmith729 says:

      Ryan, you are correct, March 2nd is a Sunday. We knew that even if we set the previous Friday (Feb 28th) as the deadline, we weren’t going to start fully evaluating the submissions as a complete set until the following Monday. So, we figured why not give everyone the additional 2 days of the weekend to work on their abstracts and submit? Still, we will be evaluating the submissions and keeping track of preregistration as it happens. So preregistering and submitting an abstract before the deadline would certainly be helpful. I hope this helps.

    • rsmith729 says:

      I hadn’t realized it when you commented, but I’m guessing you are referring to the typo we just noticed in the call for abstracts. It was, as you pointed out, incorrectly listed that March 2nd was a Friday. We are taking submissions until Sunday, March 2nd. Sorry for the confusion (and sorry for not understanding your comment better).

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