Symposium on Urbanization and Stream Ecology

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The symposia on urbanization and stream ecology have been influential in shaping the direction of stream ecology in urban landscapes and promoting the growing interest in the field.

The first symposium was held in December 2003 at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and was attended by 93 delegates.  The symposium resulted in a discussion paper and 9 papers published in a special issue of the Journal of the North American Benthological Society (J-NABS 24(3)).

The second symposium was held in May 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah, preceding the NABS meeting of that year.  It was attended by 116 delegates across a wide range of disciplines.  Like the first meeting, this meeting resulted in a special series in J-NABS 28(4).

The 19 J-NABS papers resulting from the two meetings have had a strong impact in the field of stream ecology, having been cited over 1,000 times, with an h-index of 14 (Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge).